Tables of Streptomyces coelicolor reciprocal BLASTP hits

The links below all open in a new tab or window of your browser. They are quite big tables so please give them some time to load.

  1. From SCO0001 to SCO0529
  2. From SCO0519 to SCO1033
  3. From SCO1023 to SCO1533
  4. From SCO1523 to SCO2034
  5. From SCO2024 to SCO2535
  6. From SCO2525 to SCO3038
  7. From SCO3028 to SCO3543
  8. From SCO3532 to SCO4045
  9. From SCO4035 to SCO4546
  10. From SCO4536 to SCO5046
  11. From SCO5036 to SCO5549
  12. From SCO5539 to SCO6056
  13. From SCO6046 to SCO6563
  14. From SCO6553 to SCO7066
  15. From SCO7056 to SCO7570
  16. From SCO7560 to SCO7846
  17. From SCP1.01c to SCP1.353
  18. From SCP2.01 to SCP2.39c