Strepdb is here

Streptomyces venezuelae is now in StrepDB

On 10 May 2011, Streptomyces venezuelae genome information was added to StrepDB. This information is based on the accession number FR845719 which was submitted to EMBL recently.

Where is ScoDB?

ScoDB has been renamed to StrepDB because it now serves information for S. clavuligerus, S. avermitilis, S. griseus,and S. scabies in addition to S. coelicolor.

All information which was available on ScoDB should be available on StrepDB. If something is missing, please let me know (govind dot chandra at bbsrc dot ac dot uk).

API to StrepDB data

You can access some of the data behind StrepDB using from your programs and scripts. See this document for details.

Where are ScoCyc and SavCyc?

ScoCyc and SavCyc are not being worked upon in the John Innes anymore. You can find them on BioCyc using the links below.
ScoCyc and SavCyc.

ReDirect (PCR targeted mutagenesis) and cosmid library

ReDirect and cosmid library related information is here


Some plasmid sequences are here.

2D reference gels

Swiss-Czech Proteomics server